Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Changing the outside

Hello all.  I know it has been way to long since I have done an update.  Just wanted to touch base and let you know how God has been working in my life.  Things have really been smooth lately.  No real big surprises.  I have been recharged with losing weight and working out again.  I have started the couch to 5K program and will be working on that for the next several weeks.  I started the first session last night.  Basically it is a 5 min warm up walk, run for 60 seconds, then walk for 90 sec. repeat this for 20 min than do a 5 min cool down.    I made it half way with running portion before I had to  take more frequent breaks with the running.  I am going to do this every other day and you gradually get to were I will be able to run a 5k.  Wish me luck.  If you are interested in doing this with me please send me a message.  If you are thinking about doing it on your own there are some apps you can download to time the intervals.  You can get it at www.rundouble.com.  Also I got my sleep machine fixed last night and got a full nights sleep for the first time in 6 mo. Oh how I have missed my CPAP.  More later.

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  1. All the best with your C25K... keep on running. It does get tougher, but surprisingly you become more able to complete it.